Knife Making with a Master Sword Smith in Hashima City, Japan

As a photographer, most of my work requires conveying a concept or capturing someone’s personae within a single image. If given the opportunity, I would prefer to share multiple images to tell a story. On a recent family holiday to Kyoto, Japan we had the pleasure of spending a day with Master Sword Smith Taro Asano. This is a visual story about knife making with a master sword smith.

Finding new traditions

For this entry a more personal experience seemed to be a good way to start the year off. Our winter break presented an opportunity to change up tradition. With the unexpected passing of my father-in-law last August, Christmas wouldn’t be the same again. We decided a change in tradition and scenery would be welcome. Nature was calling - To Joshua Tree National Park we went. The landscape is harsh yet beautiful. The experience was unique and memorable and a reminder how we all prefer warm climates (Winter in the desert isn’t warm).

As the new year begins I find myself freaking out at the thought of our high school senior preparing to head off to college. My baby boy is all grown up and I’m not mentally ready for his departure in September. Another good reason to find new traditions. Change is good. Right?


Joshua Tree National Park, California

In December